A Brief History of HIV/AIDS

1981: 1982: 1983: 1984: 1985: 1987: 1988: 1989: 1990: 1991: 1993: 1994: 1995: 1996: 1997: 1998: 2003: 2007: 2009: 2010: 2011: 2013: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: These milestones reflect the continuous progress in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care, driven by global cooperation and scientific advancements​ (Frontiers)​​ (TIHAN)​​ (Fortune Online)​​ … Read more

HIV/AIDS Facts and Myths

With so much information about HIV/AIDS, distinguishing between truth and myth can be challenging. Here, we clarify common misconceptions to ensure you understand the facts about HIV transmission, available treatments, and living with HIV. What is a MYTH?A myth is untrue or false information. What is a FACT?A fact is true information that can be … Read more


Who is Affected by HIV/AIDS

Estimates of New HIV Diagnoses in the United States for the Most-Affected Subpopulations, 2014 Source: CDC. Diagnoses of HIV infection in the United States and dependent areas, 2014. HIV Surveillance Report 2015;26. Subpopulations representing 2% or less of HIV diagnoses are not reflected in this chart. Abbreviation: MSM = men who have sex with men. References

Where to Get Treatment

There are several ways to begin HIV care in Georgia. You can visit your primary care doctor or your local health department. If you are concerned about affording care, the Georgia Ryan White Program offers a range of services to low-income residents. These services include medical care, support services, access to free HIV medications through … Read more

Importance of Getting Treatment

If you are HIV positive, maintaining a strong immune system is paramount. The immune system is your body's defense against infections and diseases, and HIV attacks and weakens this system. By keeping your immune system robust, you can better combat illnesses and maintain a healthier life. This can be achieved through appropriate HIV treatment and … Read more

The Legacy of Ryan White

Who was Ryan White? Ryan White was diagnosed with AIDS on December 17, 1984, at age 13. He was one of the first children with Hemophilia, a disorder in which blood doesn't clot normally, to be diagnosed with AIDS. He and his mother, Jeanne White Ginder, fought for his right to attend school, gaining international … Read more

HIV Care – Care is Prevention

Why is HIV treatment important? Today, as many as one in five Americans who are HIV positive do not know it. As a result, they are not getting the care they need. If you are HIV positive, it is crucial to keep your immune system as strong as possible to help fight diseases and infections. … Read more

Ways to Prevent Infection

Abstain From Sexual Activity Until better prevention methods are available, the only way to ensure freedom from the risk of HIV infection, for many people, is to forgo sex. In some populations in low- and middle-income countries, the median number of sexual partners newly-diagnosed women have had is one, and getting married is an HIV … Read more

HIV Prevention

What is HIV? Human Immunodeficiency Virus (also known as HIV) is the virus that causes HIV infection in humans. HIV weakens the immune system by attacking a special type of white blood cell called a “CD4” cell. Over time, HIV destroys so many of these cells that the body cannot fight off infections and diseases. … Read more
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